What Is txtr?

txtr is a small web based Python application come engine that allows you to turn interactive fiction into real time texting based text adventure games (say that five times fast!). It uses web based SMS services as its platform, and runs indepndent of whatever OS is on your phone.

In other terms: We wrangled some Python using Flask to build a web app that you can use to muck around with the Twilio API on the internet.

txtr was mostly an experiment. I had been playing around with learning Python, and started making some small locally running apps for twilio, one of them being a small IF game called Cat Quest about being a cat in your owner's apartment.

The idea of an SMS based text adventure grew some legs, and eventually we made it into a more of a robust little setup near the end of 2013.

Who was / is invlolved in making this?

txtr was a collaboration between Nadine Lessio, Jon Doda, and Angus Fletcher.

Has this been used for anything?

In 2014, I was the tech / programmer on Sext Adventure, which saw txtr worked into a front facing web app.

You can read my SA / txtr Tech Post Mortem over on Medium. Where I swear about API keys, and break down some of the project challenges.

Can I find this somewhere?

The bulk of it is open source. You can check out the repo over on my github.

I'd like to know more. Can I contact you?

Sure. Feel free to pop over an email.